Corporate Solutions Team

We bring it together: Your communication goal, your topic and the strengths of a leading specialist publisher for automotive and mechanical engineering as well as finance and management.

Corporate Solutions is part of Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH and thus part of Springer Nature, a leading global science, education and specialist publishing house. Our brands include Springer Gabler, Metzler, Springer Spektrum, Springer Vieweg, Springer VS as well as ATZ, Adhäsion, Bankmagazin, MTZ, JOT, Versicherungsmagazin and many others.

Head of Corporate Solutions

Markus Bereszewski

Head of Corporate Solutions +49 (0) 611.7878 122 markus.bereszewski(at)

Nina Ziss

Sales Managerin Corporate Solutions +49 (0) 611.7878 124 nina.ziss(at)

Project management

Christiane Imhof

Project Manager Corporate Solutions +49 (0) 611.7878 154 christiane.imhof(at)

Barbara Janson

Project Manager Corporate Books +49 (0) 611.7878 156 barbara.janson(at)

Melanie Malsch-Kranz

Project Manager Corporate Solutions +49 (0) 611.7878 138 melanie.malsch-kranz(at)

Alexandra Pisek

Editorial Manager Corporate Solutions +49 (0) 611.7878 139 alexandra.pisek(at)

Anja Trabusch

Project Manager Corporate Solutions +49 (0) 611.7878 298 anja.trabusch(at)

Book sales management

Christian Kannenberg

Sales Management Books +49 (0) 611.7878 369 christian.kannenberg(at)

Kerstin Feindler-Koch

Sales Managerin +49 (0) 611.7878 217 kerstin.feindler(at)