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Sales Excellence

Target audience:

Top decision-makers and established Sales and Marketing experts. These include CEOs, Heads of Sales and Marketing, and Sales representatives.

Short profile:

Sales Excellence is Germany’s leading platform for Sales experts. We reach more than 9,000 readers and association members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and offer advertising partners an excellent multi-channel basis for networking with this high-calibre target group: in the magazine (in both print and digital formats), on Xing and the database Springer Professional, and in conference formats. The editorial staff and our Social Media managers offer well-founded, practice-oriented content, background reports, ad services for all levels of Sales – prepared by prominent authors in the academic sector, consulting and sales practice.
In addition, Sales Excellence is the official magazine for members of the Central Federation of German Commercial Associations for Commercial Brokers and Sales Agents (Centralvereinigung Deutscher Wirtschaftsverbände für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb – CDH); part of the print run is also supplemented with news from the CDH.

Circulation: ( planned circulation in 2018 - new magazine)

Print run:9,500
Actual distributed circulation: 9,028
Subscription copies:7,928

10 p.a.

Price: (acc. to price list 01 valid from 10/01/2017)

ad rates: 1/1 page b/w: € 3,397
 1/1 page 4 colours: € 4,921

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