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Target audience:

Insurance brokers, financial services intermediaries, exclusive agents and management in insurance companies. Selected broker pools are supplied with versicherungsmagazin on an exclusive basis.

Short profile:

Editorial concept: Versicherungsmagazin (Insurance Magazine) is one of Germany‘s leading trade magazines for the insurance industry. Each month, experts provide independent and well-founded information on current events in the industry, on the sale of financial products and services, information and communications technology, and sales tips and trends. Sales and marketing strategies and practical sales tips are traditional focus areas. The service section complements the spectrum of subjects with company news, event information and distribution practices / further training. The regular column „Anlage Praxis“ handles the topics: funds, investments, property, shareholding models, private equity, secondary markets, financing and other investment products.

circulation: (Ø July 1 2016 - June 30 2017)

Print run:10,000
Actual distributed circulation: 8,063
Subscription copies:2,869

frequency: 12 p.a.

price: (acc. to price list 49 valid from 10/01/2017)

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1/1 page b/w:€ 4,182
1/1 page 4 colours:€ 6,335
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1/1 page b/w:on request