Construction chemistry

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Construction materials and construction-relevant processes. This book presents a representative selection of compounds, materials, reactions and processes, chosen for their practical relevance in construction and taking into account modern ecological considerations. A valuable reference guide, it draws on the author’s years of experience teaching university courses for civil engineering students; as such, it offers substantially more than applying a chemistry perspective to materials science in construction.


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Roland Benedix taught courses on Construction Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry, as well as General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry, for many years at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. Today, he continues to be actively involved in construction chemistry research.


  • Chemical Fundamentals
  • Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table of Elements
  • Chemical Bonding
  • The Chemical Reaction
  • Air and its Components
  • Water and Aqueous Solutions
  • Redox Reactions / Fundamentals of Electrochemistry
  • Chemistry of Construction Metals
  • Chemistry of Nonmetallic-Inorganic Construction Materials
  • Chemistry of Organic Materials in Construction
  • Wood and Wood Preservation
  • Airborne Toxins in Interior Spaces
  • Applying Nanotechnology in Architecture and Construction
  • Qualitative Analysis of Construction Materials

Target group

  • Civil engineers and architects in studies and practice

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Advertising deadline:  27 August 2020
Copy deadline: 03 September 2020
Publication date (tentative): November 2020


Print run: approx. 800 copies
Length: approx. 600 pages
Book format: 168 x 240 mm
Page format: 168 x 240 mm
Print area: 126 x 205 mm
Bleed format: 168 x 240 mm plus 4 mm

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