OSC - Organisationsberatung, Supervision, Coaching

The journal OSC is an international discussion forum for qualified consulting practice. OSC is dedicated to innovation in organizational consulting, supervision and coaching. OSC is intended to build a bridge between management and organizational knowledge and the action competences developed in social fields of work. The editors want to do justice to this goal with an international staff of scientists, organizational consultants, supervisors and coaches.

Each issue of the OSC has a thematic focus, which is deepened with background essays, field-specific contributions and practical reports. Readers particularly appreciate contributions that outline innovative methodological, conceptual or field-specific positions.

In the “Discourse” section is home to critical feedback on individual contributions, discussions on relevant concepts or on current issues. Book reviews are also a fixed category. At the end of each issue, the OSC publishes articles on conferences, workshop discussions, changes in professional policy, questions of training, etc., as well as announcements for relevant events.